Saniplast Assorted Bandages : Balanced Healing and Care | By Zainab Paracha

We are all clumsy in one way or the other and there’s nothing we can do about it. Half of the time we ourselves are clueless of how did we end up getting that minor cut or scratch and its totally okay Saniplast first aid bandage has got us covered! There is a huge range of various shapes and sizes.

But unfortunately we can’t predict when we’d need which one nor can we carry so many boxes just to be on safe side right? And guess what Saniplast first aid bandages have got this covered too!

‘Saniplast Assorted Bandages’ is an easy solution for all. The box of it consists a variety of Bandages in case you need anyone of it at any point of time. It is a super convenient box consisting a mixture of many sizes from medium to large and shapes such as spot and squares. So you can carry it easily anywhere.


This product is age and family friendly. Helpful for you and your whole family so you can be prepared for any unpredictable hurt. Without a doubt one of the best, reasonable and most trusted solution.

To use Saniplast bandage would be the most efficient way to prevent any further infections. This also puts up a barrier to stop contact with the wound/cut/scratch. It is very easy to use, you just have to follow 2 steps and they are as follows:

1) Your wound or cut should be cleaned and well dried.

2) Then put on whatever shape or size you require according to your preference and you are good to go.

Taking good care to heal faster is also important, so changing the bandage daily is highly preferred.

A quick and antiseptic fix for you and everyone around you. Not only this it is fit for your pocket as well so what is stopping you? Rush and grab your box right away!

Saniplast Fabric Fingertip : That Warm Feeling | By Zainab Paracha

To uncomplicated the whole healing process of paper cuts, kitchen knife cuts, stitching needle pricks and other various minor yet annoying wounds, the profoundly loved, finessed in quality and most reliable SANIPLAST introduces a new addition to its fantastic range of bandages, the FABRIC FINGERTIP BANDAGE. This new addition joins Saniplast’s range of fabric bandages which are designed for optimal comfort and protection during rough situations. Specifically designed for the fingertips, which is usually a very tricky place to put a regular bandage, it’s a continuous shield that acts more like a warm hug for your fingertips.


There are many more nerve fiber endings on the tips of your fingers than in most parts of your body. is why your fingertips are so sensitive to strain, pain, and temperatures.

Have you noticed that whenever you get a paper cut, its infinitely more annoying to do everyday tasks like write, type, or even pick something up? That because when a paper cut occurs it cuts through those many nerves endings that send signals back to your brain. But you can’t just stop typing now can you? You have got to get that email to your boss! You need to continuously use your fingers and as you do the constant rubbing of the wound just delays the process of healing, making the situation ever more bothersome. To escape this, protect your fingertips with Saniplast Fabric Fingertip. Keep it handy in your homes, offices and in your car. Bring it on vacation with you as well!

Saniswab Alcohol Pad : The Ideal Clean | By Zainab Paracha

Bacteria can be found on everything from material things of everyday use to skin. Everything around us contains different types of bacteria some are not harmful but some can fume extremely injurious infections. But not to hassle Saniplast have us all hooked to their amazing range of products which have a variety of bandages and now Alcohol swabs too!!

“Saniswab Alcohol Pad” is surely more than just a wet wipe. Full box comprises of 200 swab wipes. Each individually has a number of 2 ply thick pads, which are the go-to safe wipes for cleaning a patch of skin prior to a needle, injection or even cleaning the nasty insect bites or skin having blisters. It disinfects Medical Equipment such as scissors, Bandages, and tweezers. It has many other uses and for sure none of the swab would go in waste.

Naughty kids who run and stumble upon everything you’d need this to make your home clean and dirt free for them, having old aged family members who have a number of health issues like diabetes etc. and they need extra protection on everything you’d need this or even if you need to clean gadgets such as mobile phones, laptop accessories or even your specs this is the best thing you have come across. All of the above mentioned scenarios or either the ones which are unexpected you would definitely need them.


Problem free, easy and helpful for extra security at your hand it is a must have in your little first-aid box at home. Each alcohol swab is individually sealed for convenience and safety. Just tear the packet from above and gently take the wipe out and rub it evenly on whatever thing you desire to make germ free. And VOILA! You’ve successfully did it. It’s that simple, in a matter of seconds your skin, tool, gadget, specs even your computer accessories are hygienic and clean.

Saniswab is the only solution to get rid of cruel and stubborn dirt and bacteria. Throw out the disgusting and scary germ collection with just one wipe so let’s not waste the time. Just a single wipe can give you a sigh of relief. Best and most authentic, trusted by families like yours and mine so what is there to wait for? Purchase yours now!