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Figure out your skin need and build a routine


Figure out your skin need and build a routine





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Uniferoz is the place where everyone is able to find some beauty called highlight one's individuality! We are waiting for you!

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Uniferoz, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of first aid bandage, skincare products, wound dressing, and surgical tape in Pakistan. We are equally well known among national and international buyers. Our branched brands SANIPLAST, SANIDERM, NICHOPORE, and DERMAPORE are notable names in Pakistan’s skincare range, OTC, and medical products. We have established a good repute in domestic and export markets with our great quality.

We are in line with the international standards for medical devices in the manufacturing process and ISO 13485:2016, CE certifications, and GMP guidelines of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) are key evidence of our claim.

We represent the marketing and distribution of skincare brands including Bioderma, Saniderm, and Bio Balance. Saniderm has been recently introduced as a Dermacostics range.

Uniferoz skincare products are the best natural solution for all skin needs.

Let Uniferoz pamper your skin needs!

Our Mission

Uniferoz aims to provide its valuable customers with quality skincare products. It offers the best organic skincare products in Pakistan. Uniferoz skincare line deals with common skin problems. Due to a polluted environment, more junk food consumption, use of more products, the skin has become sensitive and more prone to damage. In this regard, Uniferoz took an effective initiative with their user’s trust. We aim to provide you best skincare products, with no effects, in line with your skin type.

We provide various anti acne creams, anti-inflammatory and pigmentation products, anti-wrinkle skincare products in Pakistan to build up your confidence.

Our values

Uniferoz’s main focus is quality. We aim to pamper your skin needs with the best skincare products with zero compromises on quality. Uniferoz loves its customers!


Uniferoz knows its customers and takes care of them unbiasedly. With the focus on quality, Uniferoz makes sure that as many women out there can have access to clear skin!


Our customers are our confidence. Uniferoz skincare products are gentle and appropriate for every skin type. It does not harm your skin but rejuvenates it!

Why choose Uniferoz?

Uniferoz promises its customers confidence. We love our customers and consider their needs as our top priority. We offer quality products in an affordable range that is within your budget. We aim to make your skin clear, soft and intend to bring a pearl glow to your skin. We designed our product according to your skin needs and types.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Safe for your skin and health
  • Maintains skin’s natural health

Our skincare products

Tired of using different skincare products without any noticeable result? Conscious about getting your skin damaged with the application of skincare products? Want a result-oriented solution? Here, you are in a right place!

Uniferoz offers you quality and result-oriented skin care products. Our branched brands Bioderma, Saniderm, and Bio Balance provide the best skincare products in Pakistan.


Saniderm skincare items are known to be derma-corrective. It is the best anti acne product in Pakistan.

It helps to rejuvenate, revive, revitalize, and freshen upfreshen skin.

  • It is the best solution to your skin breakouts, skin maturing, suntans, and pigmentation.
  • Saniderm’s Facial moisturizing cream is made up of sunflower extract and jojoba. Both these are considered a cosmetic a cosmetic ingredients.
  • Jojoba well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Helps in skin healing, moisturizing, and avoid breakouts, and treating mild acne.
  • Helps in collagen formation, thus making skin fresh and younger.
  • A solution to common skin issues like acne, pigmentation, suntans, wrinkles, breakouts, and inflammation.

Saniderm skincare range is the confidence that every woman should wear!


If you are struggling to find the best skincare product that matches perfectly with your skin type, then Bioderma is a great solution. Bioderma skincare range aims to maintain the skin’s natural ecosystem and build up its natural mechanism.

  • Sensibio is a Bioderma skincare range that is best for sensitive skin. Sensibio skincare range is prescribed by dermatologists more frequently from past years.
  • Helps in cleansing and toning skin.
  • Removes excessive oil from the skin.
  • Sensibio forming gel removes impurities but does not strip off the skin like other form washes
  • Hydrates skin
  • Keeps skin clear
  • Best anti acne product
  • Works well for teenagers having acne problems
  • Sebium is sulphate free and has vitamin E. It can be used twice a day without any side effects.
  • Cicabio is the best cream for women as it is a solution for various skin problems. It treats itchy spots, burns, blisters, rashes, or bug bites. It reduces the urge to scratch and helps to heal skin faster.
  • Eye gel contour helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, reduces dark circles. It is a gentle formula that is applicable at even your upper eyelid, unlike other eye creams.
  • Sebium exfoliating gel removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores thus helping in treating acne too.

    Wear your confidence with UNIFEROZ!