Magical Cleanser; That’s All You Need | By Mahnoor Khan

Magical Cleanser; That’s All You Need | By Mahnoor Khan

There’s no denying that we all want a quick and effortless solution when it comes to our skincare. There are multiple skin toners and makeup removers to choose from but nothing compares to the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water which is a multi-functioning, excellent solution that can help cleanse and tone the skin as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or liquors. It is not your average makeup remover. Sensibio H2O is an ideal solution to remove the makeup and other impurities while respecting the skin balance. Sensibio H2O gives you a soothing skin and it lifts off the dirt and oil while keeping the skin hydrated. It is tested under Dermatological and ophthalmological control and it is specifically formulated for sensitive and allergic skin.

With over 40 years in business, the first to hit the list is the Bioderma Sensibio H20. This product is mainly designed for deep cleansing and is very effective as per the customer reviews. As per the data from the company's official website, the inculcation of micellar technology is the main agenda that adds value to the product. Micellar technology is a technique that captures impurities and reflects glowing skin, appealing to the human eye.

Recommended by well-known dermatologists, the product can be applied by both adults and teenagers. Micellar water removes all traces of make-up, sebum and various other impurities without stripping or damaging skin, all in one step. Micellar water is perfect for your daily cleansing routine. Use in the morning and at night to gently cleanse while respecting even the most sensitive epidermal skin


As we all know, Eid al-Fitr is coming up, which means, non-stop parties, dinners, outings, and gatherings with friends and families. So, naturally, the biggest pressure for us ladies is maintaining perfect skin. And with all the makeup that we put on our skin on the occasion, we need a great cleanser to have in our skincare routine which also takes care of our skin needs. Most of the makeup removers do not satisfy us enough because they fail to remove the makeup completely. And let’s not deny the fact that most of the time, Waterproof Mascaras are the toughest makeup product to remove because we have to be very careful when it comes to our lashes. Sensibio H2O removes waterproof and long-wearing makeup and gives you a perfect freshness to your skin. It’s lightweight and does not cause any irritation on the skin or a stinging sensation in the eyes. And there’s no need to rinse your face after using Sensibio H2O.


It comes in different sizes, which means you can just toss a bottle in your bag and you’re good to go. Take it to the gym, college, office, or anywhere that you want. Sensibio H2O is long-lasting. So, who doesn’t love a skincare product without any negative impact? It is suitable for all skin types and it respects the skin barrier. It is such a gentle product that removes the impurities from your skin without damaging it or causing any inflammation. Sensibio H2O does not cause dryness and stickiness on the skin.


  • Take a cotton pad
  • Soak it with Sensibio H2O
  • Gently rub it on your skin and remove your makeup from your face and eyes (Do not rub or swipe too hard)
  • No need to rinse your face, afterwards.



And since, we live in one of the hottest country, Pakistan. Especially around this time of the year, our skins need some extra care because it is more exposed to the sun. Our skin goes dehydrated, dry and itchy. Our skin tone and complexion might appear uneven. Treat your skin with Sensibio H2O because not only is it nourishing and hydrating but it will give you back your glowy skin. It will help your skin stay hydrated. The micelles in the water will help you in balancing the ph. level. Daily usage of Sensibio H2O will help you prevent acne as it will keep your pores clean. It is unfragranced and does not contain chemicals that will harm your skin. Most of the people use it to clean their makeup brushes as it works magic on skin as well as make up tools.

Getting Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water will be a good investment to your lifestyle as it will definitely do wonders to your skin. Iconic cleansing micellar water that effortlessly cleanses the skin to remove dirt, debris, pollution and makeup, while respecting sensitive skin. So Ladies, Stay Hydrated, Stay Beautiful!