Do Saniderm Patches Really Work? | By Sabika Sheikh

Do Saniderm Patches Really Work? | By Sabika Sheikh

Recently, I got my hands on the Saniderm patches. Believe it or not, this is the only local brand in Pakistan that has come up with this revolutionary product. Every now and then we see bloggers using these patches on social media, but not many people can find the effective ones that come at a reasonable price. And, that made me buy them. So, let me just tell you guys real quick what these patches are all about. These patches rejuvenate the dry, dull, and tired skin.

Currently, face masks are one of the most popular skincare products in the market. This is the  product which is used by every lady when they get some time off for themselves. After getting done with all chores, we find the time to apply these masks. However, the full face sheet mask tends to feel cold on the skin, and laying them on the face properly is difficult. Luckily, Saniderm has solved this problem by making masks that are specific for some areas of your face.  Let’s talk about their products individually in this blog.

The products I tried include:

  1. Nose patch
  2. Eye patch
  3. Pimple patch

●      Nose Patches

When we hear nose patches, the only function that comes to our mind is the removal of blackheads. However, the nose patches by Saniderm are much above that. The purpose of these Hydrogel nose patches by Saniderm is to gently exfoliate the skin around your nose and protect the skin from aging. Also, it gives a soothing effect and lightens the dull skin that was damaged by UV light.

They exfoliate the skin by reducing the size of the pores and cleaning them up. After the pores are minimized, the buildup of dirt and debris is also reduced. Additionally, as your skin doesn’t absorb air pollutants, you will see a major difference with regular use.

The correct way of using it is to first clean and pat dry to remove excess moisture from your nose. Then, take out the Peel off the protective film and place the patch on your nose. Press the patch gently to your skin to make sure that it doesn’t come off easily. You can leave the patch on for about 4 hours overnight.

Well, you can add these patches to your night care regime for a brighter and clearer nose.

●      Eye Patches

Have you ever used an eye patch? Are you curious about how it would work on your face? Do you feel like your puffy eyes need to get some moisture? Then, the Saniderm eye patch would be perfect to try.

These are not like the messy eye masks that drench your entire face with serum. I love using these eye patches as their application is neat. They come in small pouches that are easy to keep anywhere. The patches feel very soft on the skin and are flexible. The product that transforms your skin is on the side that presses down against your skin.

The best part is that it doesn’t slip off. You will feel cooling on the under eye area at first. After a few uses, you will witness tightening of that area. Generally, you will see and feel a difference after using them every single time.

These eye patches are perfect for those who are looking for a miraculous product that allows instant de-puffing. To be honest, I was very excited to try them out and I felt like they actually made my under eye area more firm.

These patches are not crazy expensive, yet, they provide enough hydrating and firming to your skin, so you won’t ever regret giving them a shot.

The Saniderm Hydrogel Eye Patches have all the right nutrients to target the sensitive skin under the eye and repair it. It helps to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes as well. The application of this is similar to the nose patch. Use it every two days to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

●      Pimple Patch

We all at some point in our lives wish for an overnight cure for acne. And, we try everything for that.  But, what if I tell you now we have an immediate cure to push that acne in and make it less prominent on your face. Sounds no less than a magic wand, right? Yes, the Saniderm pimple patches can do it. These stickers helps minimize the size of a pimple. Once you stick this patch to your skin, it disinfects the pimple and prevents external factors like dust, germs, etc., from worsening the condition.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but after trying it on, I understood how they work. These are easy to wear and feel comfortable on the skin. Even when you take them off, it won’t be painful.

I think these patches qualify to be a staple in our beauty cabinets for years because they genuinely work. These Saniderm patches have become my typical must-haves among regular skincare products. These patches can re-hydrate dry skin, and regenerate tone tired and stressed skin. Above all, you get these benefits at a reasonable price point. Remember, every skin type is different. That’s why the speed of revival of every skin is different. Something that works for me might take some time to work on your skin type.