Saniplast Square | By Sahar Afzal

Saniplast Square | By Sahar Afzal

Were you excited to pair those new shoes you just bought with your outfit of the day? To bad that they turned out to be way too stiff and uncomfortable for you to walk in though. New shoes can cause painful blisters, minor cuts, sore feet, and heel pain due to their excessively rubbing and/or slipping against the heels, that creates unwanted friction. Regardless of how expensive the brand or how high-quality a pair of shoes are, there is almost no escaping that break-in period. But Saniplast Square has got your back!

Saniplast Square provides quick way for you to avoid those unwanted shoe break-in periods almost instantly. You don't have to wait for weeks to adjust to your new pair of shoes. Just unwrap the Saniplast Square and stick it to your wound or heel to prevent unwanted rubbing and/ slipping.

Saniplast square bandage provides complete protection against rubbing and friction, to prevent blisters and cuts from occurring. It is a square-shaped bandage measuring 38 by 38 mm. It is made from breathable and water-resistant material that protects your wound from water, sweat, and bacterial invasion, creating the perfect environment to aid in the healing process. The bandage is designed to fit like a second skin to provide optimum cushioning against rubbing and pressure to give durable protection for your wounds.

So next time when you are rushing to an important dinner or for a friend’s wedding, in those new shoes, make sure to plan ahead. Always keep saniplast square on you so that you can avoid awkwardly wobbling around and embarrassing yourself because of your shoes. Remember, beauty doesn’t always have to be pain.