Saniplast Aqua | By Mahnoor Khan

Saniplast Aqua | By Mahnoor Khan

Getting minor cuts, bruises, small wounds in daily routine life is a common thing and when it comes to wound caring and first aid the only brand comes to our mind is SANIPLAST! And From children to adults, every person has used Saniplast at least once in their life.

"Saniplast aims to heal people with love and care."

Uniferoz Pvt Ltd, the company behind the manufacturing and marketing of Saniplast - First Aid Bandages. Saniplast is available in different shapes/sizes like medium, large, spot and square and other variants e.g. Fabric and Ultra-Thin Transparent bandages. Also, #SaniplastPororo is for juniors' ouchies.


Today, I am going to talk about their newly launched premium bandage which is Saniplast Aqua. Since we get minor cuts/wounds during household chores, small technical and routine work. Saniplast Aqua gives you waterproof protection that utilize innovation and technology to create a boundary between wounds and everyday exercises. Due to its transparent appearance it completely enacts with your skin and it looks like you haven't wore anything.

To avoid our minor wounds with water interaction and keep them safe from external environment, #Saniplast aqua Bandage is surely the best product for you. This variant is water proof, breathable and germproof in nature and does not come out during washing chores.

Saniplast Aqua Bandage is designed to adhere through hand washings, showers and even swimming. If you work in the water quite often this ultrathin variant of #SaniplastAqua is an amazing type. Try one and see for yourself.

So, this is our way of showing care to you as we introduce you to Saniplast Aqua Bandage. It is a family product and can be used by all ages. Skin friendly and does not cause any allergy to skin. For example, when you do home works like laundry and dish washing etc., you can put Saniplast Aqua on and you can work without having to worry about your wound getting infected. You want to swim? And you are resisting because you are worried that your bandage might get off? You can use this Saniplast Aqua, which is waterproof, and swim without any worries. Or if you are shaving and cut yourself, just put Saniplast Aqua on because it is transparent and you won’t have to worry about a bandage ruining your looks. Saniplast Aqua Bandage is one solution to hundreds of your problems.

The application process is simple. Make sure that your wound or cut is cleaned and well dried. Then put on the Saniplast Aqua and you are good to go. To take better care of the wound, it is suggested to change the bandage daily.

Saniplast first aid bandages are easy to carry so make sure you have one on you always, so you do not have to worry about not finding one at the time of the need. Saniplast Aqua Bandage is very reasonable, so who would mind a less expensive solution. And when you are getting something like this in such an affordable price? I’d say go for it now.

We are here to take care of you and your children and to help you in any way that we can. Let’s all fight against bacteria. We offer you a layer of Love with Care.